Aya Nour

12 Oct, 2011

Aya Nour

School: Ma’mal Girl Friendly School

Age: 12

Grade: 6th


I wanted to learn and become a lawyer. I had no problems at the beginning and I’m the eldest among four girls. I went to a public school in another governorate and stayed there till fourth grade. When my mum gave birth to my youngest sister, my father threw us out of the house and divorced my mother because she gave birth to a girl rather than a boy. He re-married and we stayed in the streets With no home, no school and no father. We went to Cairo where my mum found a job and we heard that the girl-friendly school is not for money. So, when I joined the school, I needed to undergo a surgery but the donors helped me by donating money to cover the cost.

My mother is still struggling to gain a living and she refused to send me to work for an engineer in our neighborhood in return of 350 pounds per month. She insisted that I should continue pursuing my education till I join law school and become a lawyer and fulfill my dream.


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