Ahlam Saber

12 Oct, 2011

Ahlam Saber

School: Ma’mal Girl-Friendly School

Age: 11

Grade: 6th


I want to learn and succeed in my studies. I’ll stay in the school and continue my education. I really love it. I had no problems. My parents wanted to send me to school and I really wanted to go there too. Though my father had no money, he didn’t want to send my sisters and me to work. He sent my eldest sister to school but she didn’t want to continue her education. My father got really mad at her and she used to cry hard because she wants to work instead. Our life used to be miserable but it is better now. My other sister and I heard about the girl-friendly school so my father decided to send us there but I had to stay at home for a year until I reached the right age for admissions.  I’ll stay in school until I join medical school. I hope I continue pursuing my education and improve my English.

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